First week of the Dakar Rally Team Coronel

Tim and Tom Coronel have completed the first week of the Dakar Rally. The Century CR6, equipped with MPM products, is doing great. No squeeks, no creaks, exactly what the guys want.

The first stage was especially challenging in terms of navigation. Tim and Tom Coronel also had to find their way. Fortunately, thanks to the helicopter, they were able to find the course again. The second stage was very exciting. "It had everything: sometimes quite tricky dunes, but also beautiful straights on which you could go full gas." Despite the heavy rain, Tim and Tom had the pace going in the third stage. The Century CR6 reached the finish line unscathed, where it turned out that the brothers had only conceded 25 minutes to stage winner Carlos Sainz.

The fourth stage was not only the longest stage, but also particularly varied. In the first part, the course was very fast and with dangerous jumps. In the second part of the stage, the Coronel team had to face some very high dunes. "That was pretty cool”, said Tom. The fifth stage was another excellent day, with the 26th time after 395 kilometers for the Coronel brothers. “There was, however, a moment when it threatened to go completely wrong”, Tom Coronel acknowledged. "A moment when I thought 'here we go, now it's over'. We slid out of a corner and hit a hump of camel grass. The car was launched, made a jump of at least 15 meters and landed on the nose. Fortunately, it turned out all right."

Never before have Tim and Tom Coronel performed so well in the Dakar Rally as they do now. In the last stage before the rest day, they finished in 22nd and are sixteenth in the general classification.

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