Tim and Tom Coronel out of the Dakar Rally 2022

The Dakar Rally stopped in stage seven for brothers Tim and Tom Coronel. Tim was suffering too much from his back, the brothers did not think it was responsible to continue. "Health comes first" Tom told us from the bivouac in Al Dawadimi.

The shock was still there on the rest day of the Rally, after the jump in the sixth stage where Tim seriously hurt his back. The relief was great for the brothers that they were still able to start in the seventh stage. A scan of Tim's back was made at the medical service, which only revealed an old fracture, from about ten years ago in Morocco.

The seventh stage of the Rally was not Tim and Tom's day. As a result of Tim's sore back, the brothers were unable to go full speed through the 402-kilometer test to Al Dawadimi. This meant that they finished in 37th place and lost a few places in the rankings.

The Coronel brothers did not start in the eighth stage. The Century CR7 drove fantastic, but Tim's back pain turned out to be too severe. Health is the most important thing. MPM wishes Tim a speedy recovery and is looking forward to the Rally in 2023!

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