NEW! MPM 21000LV Brake Fluid Low Viscosity DOT 5.1 LV

Brake systems for hybrid and fully electric vehicles (EVs) require a new generation of brake fluids. This is because these vehicles use the braking system differently in comparison with conventional vehicles with just an internal combustion engine.

The first hybrid models still used DOT 4 or even DOT 3. But braking systems have evolved tremendously over the past 20 years. A low viscosity DOT 5.1 brake fluid is therefore used in the current new generation of hybrids and EVs.

We have listed the most important properties of the new MPM DOT 5.1 LV below:



Packaging Units:

21500LV 500 ML 12 -
21001LV 1 L 6 450
21005LV 5 L 4 112
21020LV 20 L 1 30
21060LV 60 L 1 6
21250LV 205 L 1 2
21999LV 1000 L 1 -

Corrosion protection

This brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it attracts moisture (with the exception of silicone-based brake fluids). This can enter through the plastic brake fluid reservoir, for example, or through the brake hoses. Brake fluid should therefore be changed every 24 months. Especially with hybrid and electric vehicles, keeping electrical conductivity low is essential. They make less use of the hydraulic braking system because a lot of braking is done with the electric motor to recover energy. This makes the brake system more susceptible to corrosion.

High boiling point

The hydraulic braking system may be used less, but it is put under significant strain when it is used. Hybrid and electric vehicles have an increased weight due to the battery pack, and when combined with braking at high speeds, this can cause temperatures to rise significantly. It is therefore essential that the brake fluid has a high boiling point.

Low viscosity

DOT 5.1 LV has a very low viscosity that allows it to move quickly within the braking system. As a result, the braking system responds faster, thereby improving road safety.

Electrical conductivity

DOT 5.1 LV has low electrical conductivity. From a safety standpoint, this reduces danger in the event of an accident or fire.

MPM 21000LV compared to MPM 21000

MPM DOT 5.1 LV with part number 21000LV surpasses in every way the normal MPM DOT 5.1, part number 21000. This product can therefore be used at all times at which normal DOT 5.1 brake fluid is recommended or used.

For technical questions:
Please contact MPM Technical Support.

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